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Pandemic, what pandemic?

It was quite surreal. Not so long ago we were all wearing masks, applying hand sanitizer, staying two metres apart and not allowed to mix. It was almost like it had not happened, a bad dream. Did the last two years actually take place?

The sun blazed down on the rich red Bunter sandstone accompanied by a cold north wind. The volunteers shivered in the shade of the Day Room on this early spring day as they served teas and coffees to the visitors on the island. Barbara was indoors boiling the urn newly purchased since lockdown.

The seal watch was well supported as usual with Julie taking charge for the first time. Both adults and children were taking advantage of the new telescope. Try telling a child to close one eye and look through the other!

The seals were going about their business as usual, completely unaware that there had been a pandemic or that Putin was raging war on the Ukraine. More importantly fish dinner was yet again on the menu. A flock of Brent geese paddled noisily around the island.

The Telegraph Station was once again open with Allen, Val and Andy all decked out in their FOH high viz vests dispersing gems of historic information.

Celia and Peter took it in turn to look after the Buoy Master’s Workshop as stories transported visitors back in time to the 1870s

Emma was on hand at the old lifeboat station giving informal “Cliff Top Talks” on the hour. These proved popular with over 30 people stopping to listen at any one time. Topics covered were the history of the lighthouse, the Liverpool to Holyhead Telegraph and Hilbre salt production. Visitors took part in an active question and answer session. This Cliff Top Talk proved to be a welcome addition to the already successful Open Days.

Oblivious to all the goings on ,members of the Mersey Canoe club applied extra coats of forest green paint to their hut before lighting up their barbeque.

It was also wonderful to see groups of friends, families, dog walkers and the general public enjoying this special place. The place we call Hilbre Island! For a few sun filled hours we could all imagine that nothing had changed.

Reflection on FOH Open Day by David Gregson and Emma Blake.

Thanks to seventeen volunteers took part in the Open Day.

Next Open Day. Sunday April 24th from 10.00am to 2.30pm.

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